PayTech Partners is a payments technology firm. We help software companies generate revenue on their customers’ payments. We do this by white-labeling our partner’s (PayFac-In-A-Box™) platform.

Becoming a PayFac has its advantages; massive revenue potential, controlled customer experiences, frictionless customer onboarding, and many more. But it also comes with huge risks and it’s difficult. It takes time, a substantial financial investment, payments industry expertise, and an understanding of risk, compliance, and operational execution. That’s precisely what we do at PayTech Partners. Everything you need to enable payments within your technology is available under one roof.

Gain simple access to our extensive and robust API libraries, complete with sample code. You’ll receive monthly residual revenue, enrollment and underwriting, and compliance and ongoing support.

Our payments partner’s have developed a frictionless enrollment process with batch onboarding and contracting. This proprietary process allows you to easily enroll all of your customers at once through a simple data file.

Enjoy all the advantages of becoming a PayFac without the risks.