Integrated Payments

Simple integration, infinite opportunity!

Your Business Benefits

  • Branded payments.
    Your brand. Your rates. Your rules!
  • Revenue share.
    Earn 50% on your sub-merchants’ payments margin.
  • Stay outside of the flow of funds.
    Look and feel like a payments company, without being one.
  • Fully integrated payments.
    Simple to use developer friendly APIs in multiple languages.
  • Application status tracking.
    Gain visibility into your sub-merchant enrollment pipeline.
  • Sales and marketing engine.
    We do payments marketing the best. We’ll build your marketing campaigns for you and even call your users.
  • Multiple payment  options in a single environment
    Eliminate the need to work with multiple payments vendors. We offer a retail terminal, mobile app, virtual terminal, and reoccurring billing.
  • Eliminate the risk.
    Leave payments to the payment professionals, like fraud, underwriting, compliance, customer services and MORE!
  • Batch boarding.
    Convert one million sub-merchants in 24 hours using our proprietary software

Your Merchants Benefits

  • Seamless activation.
    Simple, one-page application and automated enrollment.
  • Low cost rate.
    You choose the rate structure. Offer your sub-merchants the lowest flat rate pricing. You may even offer to pass the fee onto the cardholder.
  • Interchange optimized.
    Using multiple processors has its advantages. Sub-merchant will always pay the lowest rates for each transaction type.
  • Secure
    Our security exceeds industry standards: P2PE, Tokenization, PCI level 1.
  • Reporting intelligence.
    Full-transaction lifecycle reporting.
  • Multiple payment environments
    Eliminate the need to work with multiple payments vendors. We offer a retail terminal, mobile app, virtual terminal, and reoccurring billing.
We make integrating payments simple, secure and profitable.

You and your sub-merchants can fulfill all its payment needs with our robust platform.

Merchant Facing

Customer Facing

Partner Portfolio Management

Partner Portfolio







Your complete partner and sub-merchant management portal.
With our platform by your side, you’ll always have direct access to customer service, underwriting and technology teams – making it easy to manage your sub-merchants, with insight every step of the way.
Best-in-Class Features

Merchant Enrollment

  • Lead management
  • Automated application submission (with digital signature) for hassle-free sign-ups
  • Automated underwriting
  • Application status tracking

Portfolio Management

  • Transparent line-by line residual reporting
  • Customized portfolio management
  • Full access to profitability, volume & risk monitoring
  • 360° view of sub-merchant processing activity
  • Customer service

Account Reconciliation

  • Collections/ACH reject recovery
  • Risk monitoring
  • Automated ticketing system
  • Address issues quickly and efficiently
Protect Your Software, Protect Your Sub-Merchants
  • PCI Level 1 compliant
  • Ultimate protection
  • NACHA Certified
  • Maximum PCI scope reduction
  • Malware resistant
  • Intelligent tokenization
Omni-Channel Protection
Our best-in-class tokenization and secure solutions are available for all types of sales channels. ACH, credit cards, and debit cards.

The most convenient and secure checkout process for any type of payment!

Infinite Opportunities For Your Sub-Merchants!

Real-Time Transaction Management

All of our payment acceptance products come with complementary access
to manage processed payments and view full transaction lifecycle reports in real-time. Effortlessly void, capture and refund – from your desktop or mobile device.


Plug-and-play terminal secures every transaction with a powerful combination of point-to-point encryption and tokenization, allowing your sub-merchants to accept cards with magnetic stripes and EMV chips, as well as NFC payments, with peace of mind.

Virtual Terminal

Accept ACH, credit/debit cards and eChecks with the most convenient terminal – your sub-merchnats computer. Securely take orders by keying in cardholder information or use a variety of device options. For recurring transactions, quickly set up a bill plan for any customer.


Extend the benefits of our platform to your mobile device with our native iOS and Android app. You can choose from a number of hardware options to swipe or dip credit cards for the ultimate on-the- go payments experience.
Well crafted, branded marketing campaigns that drive engagement.

Sales and Marketing

We market payment services to your sub-merchants. Utilizing one of the best marketing platforms available, Hubspot, you will receive branded landing pages, branded email marketing campaigns, and call center support.

Partner Solutions

Once the agreement is signed, we have a team dedicated to activating the integration process customized for each partner. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure all paperwork is completed to kick off the integration.

Integration Experts

Our team of integration specialists work directly with your tech support team to provide a smooth integration process.

Marketing Team

Committed to building a customized marketing plan with your brand to grow our partnership through various marketing channels.

Activation Staff

Our activation team will set up your customer base in our CRM, a llowing leads to flow directly to our account team.

Customer Support

Upon completion of the integration, you will be assigned an account team to nurture the leads and enhance conversion rates.

Sample List of Partners & Integrations