Helping software companies to avoid internal distractions, infrastructure cost, and all of the compliance requirements in becoming a Payment Facilitator (PayFac). Creating a frictionless, integrated payments platform and cash flow in weeks, not years.
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The Next Transformation in Software is Here.
There’s a reason why so many software companies are entering the payments realm, they’ve recognized the massive revenue opportunity that’s flowing through their platform. Software companies are now becoming payment facilitators (PayFac), offering their customers a frictionless payment experience and creating a new revenue stream. With all of these rewards comes serious costs and risks. PayTech Partners can help you look and feel like a payment facilitator and experience all of its benefits while eliminating the many costs and risks.
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The Simplest and Fastest Path to Payments Revenue.
Quickly and easily integrate your software using a full suite of developer-friendly APIs written in multiple programming languages
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Integrated Software Partnership

Monetize on your customers’ payments.

Gain a whole new recurring revenue stream for your software with each transaction it powers. By leveraging this new revenue opportunity, you can stop paying someone else and turn your software into a revenue-generating machine.
Robust Platform
Developer friendly APIs.
We give you all of the technology you need to enable robust payments for your customers.
Usio Solutions
We don’t teach you how to fish… we fish for you!
There’s no faster way to start earning payments revenue. Earn your first revenue share check in 30 days.
Sales and Marketing Campaigns
Safe. Secure. Low-Risk.
Our best-in-class tokenization and secure solutions are available for all types of sales channels; ACH, credit cards, and debit cards.
Meet your support team
We know what we’re doing, so you don’t have to.
We market payment services to your customers’ utilizing the best marketing platform available.
Meet your support team
Our team is your payments team.

You won’t need to hire a single resource to build or manage your payments program, that’s what we’ll do for you. You’ll receive a dedicated team that will represent your brand through the entire process.

Follow our 30-day onboarding roadmap to revenue.
Program Design

Program Design

Our implementation process is simple. First, you'll attend a program design meeting with our professional services team where we will share ideal program specifications. Next, you'll connect to our partner's suite of developer-friendly APIs. And finally, you will select the best program and pricing model that works for your company.
Sub-Merchant Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is our specialty, grant us access to your customer file and approve our marketing campaigns. Next, we'll turn on our marketing engine and onboard your customers. Sit back, relax, and watch your revenue portal grow.
Share Revenue

Share Revenue

This is why software companies like yours choose to work with PayTech Partners. Earn a substantial percentage of the payments margin derived from your customers. It's that simple!